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There’s a faster way to find the answers you need at work. Our Enterprise Search connects all of your company data to generate the answers you need, for the tasks right in front of you.

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Whether it's legal contracts, survey results, or presentations, Kindo allows you to ask questions, get summaries, and analyze PDFs. Just upload, ask the AI, and go.

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Level up your work with AI-powered next steps to better organize your work, and communicate with your team.

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Frequently asked questions

Usable machines customer

What is Kindo?

Kindo is an AI-company focused on making AI simple, secure and accessible for every worker. Our library allows employees to pick the AI workflows they need, and walk away with fine-tuned results.

Is my data protected?

Yes. While other AI products rely on input data to train their models, our workflows were designed with privacy at their core. Keep your inputs private whenever using Kindo.

Is there a free version?

Yes! Jump in and start using Kindo for free. This will provide access to many of our most popular features including our library of AI Workflows, Protected Chat, create your own AI Workflow, privacy controls and more. See our pricing page for additional features and tiers.

Can I use Kindo on my mobile device?

Yes. Currently our Protected Chat feature is available on both on desktop and mobile. To provide the best experience possible, running and building Workflows can only be done on desktop at the moment.

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