PRESS RELEASE: Monday, May 6, 2024

Kindo, the pioneering AI Access Security Broker (AIASB), has acquired WhiteRabbitNeo, the leading creator of offensive cybersecurity AI models

Kindo, the pioneering AI Access Security Broker (AIASB), has acquired WhiteRabbitNeo, the leading creator of offensive cybersecurity AI models

Kindo, the pioneering AI Access Security Broker (AIASB), has acquired WhiteRabbitNeo, the leading creator of offensive cybersecurity AI models

Venice, CA – Kindo, the first and only AI Access Security Broker (AIASB), is thrilled to announce its strategic acquisition of WhiteRabbitNeo, the leading provider of open source, offensive cybersecurity AI models for the security community. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in Kindo's mission to enhance enterprise security. It adds state-of-the-art cybersecurity and hacking intelligence to our comprehensive AI security platform that provides visibility and control over the AI  used within organizations.

Kindo leads the AI security market for centralizing the deployment and security of employee AI use with an AI-first approach. Kindo empowers IT and Security teams with a secure user management system that can control any AI model (open source, commercial, or private) running in the cloud or on-premise. Supporting a range of deployment solutions (cloud, on-premise, private, and air gap), Kindo ensures that enterprises can safeguard their company, client, and employee data.

The company also provides IT leaders clarity and insight into the AI content generated inside their organization, its creators, and the timing of its creation. This level of transparency and visibility is unparalleled in the enterprise AI sector.

Founder & CEO of Kindo, Ron Williams, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition. "Migel and team have built an amazing capability for the security community. We initially discussed a license for WhiteRabbitNeo, but as we talked, we realized there was a bigger partnership opportunity and offered to bring WhiteRabbitNeo fully into Kindo, with its founder, Migel, joining as an Advisor to Kindo. Our entire Kindo team is excited to work with the community in this next phase of the project's journey."

Migel is a well-known creator of open source AI models with his various Tess ASI models downloaded over 100,000 times by the open source community, establishing WhiteRabbitNeo as a formidable presence in the cybersecurity space. He has also built a vibrant community of 1000’s of the industry's most forward-thinking and innovative security developers, engineers, analysts, and enthusiasts.

The integration of WhiteRabbitNeo's open source, offensive cybersecurity AI models into Kindo's portfolio will enable security developers (and non-developers) to rigorously test their code base, systems, applications and processes.

The WhiteRabbitNeo chatbot also makes an excellent coach for learning about cybersecurity, red teaming, and troubleshooting security alerts. This allows security teams to fortify their organizations against looming cyber threats.

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This acquisition is not only a testament to Kindo's commitment to advancing AI security, but also a reflection of the company's dedication to fostering a collaborative and innovative community around AI security. By uniting Kindo's robust AI security platform with WhiteRabbitNeo's  powerful cybersecurity AI models and an active AI security community, Kindo is poised to set new standards in AI-driven cybersecurity solutions.

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Kindo is the first, and only, AI Access Security Broker (AIASB) dedicated to helping enterprises protect their data by providing comprehensive oversight, control, and security measures for all the AI models they utilize. With a focus on security and compliance, Kindo delivers a turnkey AI platform to ensure that IT leaders can manage and govern their organization's AI usage with flexibility and confidence, while avoiding AI vendor lock-in.

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