Kindo, the pioneering AI Access Security Broker (AIASB), has acquired WhiteRabbitNeo, the leading creator of offensive cybersecurity AI models

Kindo, the pioneering AI Access Security Broker (AIASB), has acquired WhiteRabbitNeo, the leading creator of offensive cybersecurity AI models

Kindo, the pioneering AI Access Security Broker (AIASB), has acquired WhiteRabbitNeo, the leading creator of offensive cybersecurity AI models

Message from Ron Williams, Founder & CEO of Kindo

It's our honor to announce that the WhiteRabbitNeo community and its founder, Migel, now have the support of Kindo to further fund and expand the capabilities of its datasets, models, and impressive community. For months, we've been fans of what he and his team have built.

We initially discussed a license for WhiteRabbitNeo, but as we talked for the next couple weeks, we realized there was a bigger partnership opportunity and offered to bring WhiteRabbitNeo and Migel fully into Kindo. He'll continue to train the models and join us as an Advisor.

We commit to leaving everything as-is (and where-is) for at least the next 30 days, while we implement our transition plans. This means the WhiteRabbitNeo community members will still have free access to chat with the same AI models on

At the end of those 30 days, we plan to have fully migrated to Kindo, where the community will still be able to chat for free with the same WhiteRabbitNeo AI models.

They will also have access to our premium options for heavy users, or those needing additional Kindo features. These include user access controls, enterprise-level security, and visibility into what is created by AI, when, and by whom in their organization.

In addition, Kindo offers the ability to create human-in-the-loop Agents or Assistants, and get AI-coding plugins for IDEs that can run WhiteRabbitNeo AI models, as well as any commercial, open source, or private model. 

Along with building out our secure enterprise platform, we've integrated nearly a dozen different models and will continue adding more.

Kindo will continue to invest in, and improve, versions of WhiteRabbitNeo's AI models and its datasets, working to bring more open source cybersecurity AI projects together in an easy-to-use package.

Kindo will never use the data submitted through our platform to train any of the AI models we've integrated and we will never sell user information for marketing, or any other purpose.

Our entire Kindo team is excited to work with Migel and the WhiteRabbitNeo community in this next phase of the project's journey. We encourage people to join the WhiteRabbitNeo Discord, or reach out to us through the Kindo app, where we have real humans ready to answer any and all questions.

Welcome to Kindo – we will work to earn the trust of the entire WhiteRabbitNeo community.

Ron Williams
Founder & CEO, Kindo


Message from Migel Tissera, Founder of WhiteRabbitNeo

Today, I’m happy to announce that Kindo has acquired WhiteRabbitNeo.

When I introduced the 1st AI model for WhiteRabbitNeo in December 2023, I mentioned that someone needed to build an AI-focused on offensive cybersecurity and that it would be best to do it in public. This visibility provides a level of transparency and accountability to what is normally seen as a “dark art.”

While executing on that vision we recognized the necessity of either an equity investment or a strategic partnership to effectively scale WhiteRabbitNeo and continue its development. Fortunately, our new alliance with Kindo delivers both.

This acquisition not only secures the essential financial backing, but also merges our mutual commitment and the technical expertise needed to integrate Large Language Models (LLMs) and expand into the information security sector. 

Ron, who has served as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at 3 unicorns (Riot Games, Bird, and Clover Health), brings decades of invaluable experience. His deep understanding of the security industry's challenges and his proven track record in navigating and addressing these issues make him an indispensable asset to WhiteRabbitNeo and its users.

We’re really excited by our future prospects with Kindo and the ability we’ll have to keep growing WhiteRabbitNeo in the community of forward-thinking cybersecurity developers looking for an edge.

I thank everyone so much for your support, insights, conversations, and words of encouragement. And a special shoutout to all the active participants on our Discord server. WhiteRabbitNeo gets even better from here!

Migel Tissera
Founder of WhiteRabbitNeo