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The first self-serve Al platform that connects OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google Bard, Cohere Claude or any preferred AI model to your company's data in a secure and private manner. Work efficiently with seamless Al search, connect up to 200+ SaaS integrations, and easily create no-code AI powered workflows.

The magic of AI, across all your apps and data, fully secured

Ask questions of your data and get answers within seconds. No more having to dig through spreadsheets or wikis—Kindo securely layers AI tools over your existing apps to tackle all your burning questions. The only thing easier would be a crystal ball.

Complete repeatable tasks with only a few clicks

Your workflows should do exactly that—flow. Let AI set you free from tedious tasks with recommended and repeatable workflows.

Securely connect to your favorite AI model (and all the rest too)

Whether it’s ChatGPT, Google Bard, or Meta Llama 2, Kindo lets you choose the right model for the job every time. Connect to any private, open source, or commercial AI model instantly and securely.

Security comes standard

Protect your business and your data with a comprehensive and self-serve AI security platform.

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  • • AI model integrations

  • • SaaS app integrations

  • • Search & discovery

  • • Prompt engineering

  • • Data entry

  • • Standardized workflows

  • • Real time audio

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Data Security

  • • AI firewall

  • • PII data protection

  • • Encryption

  • • File movement, data access & sharing alerts

  • • Prompt security

  • • Geofencing of data flows

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  • • Unified billing and admin

  • • Cost saving recommendations

  • • Compliance reports

  • • Model explainability

  • • Compliance consulting services

One integrated platform

Protect your business and your data with a comprehensive and self-serve AI security platform.

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Advanced identity management

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Full control of Saas integrations, AI utilization & data

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Full activity logging, reporting & alerting

Countless hours saved (and growing)

We needed to improve our quarterly goal setting across our teams. We created AI Workflows to analyze our team’s goals for both best practices and how well they aligned to our quarterly KPIs. This helped us improve our team’s performance and more readily meet the goals we set.

Robert Haydock

‍Co-founder, CEO

Creating scripts for business education content is a lot of work and time consuming. We needed a way to make this process faster and easier. Kindo allowed us to create workflows to help us write scripts for our YouTube, Instagram and TikTok content. What usually took 3-4 hours for my team now takes minutes. We used our curriculum outline, our customer needs and our brand voice and voila,

Jose Caballer

Co-founder, CXO

Affordable plans for every team

From 1 to 100,000+ users, Kindo is here to speed up AI adoption for you and your teams.

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    More power for small team who need secure AI and better productivity.

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    Scale your business, increase productivity & keep your teams productive.

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  • Enterprise

    All the flexibility to meet your safety requirements and all the power to match your growth.

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