How to Write a Cover Letter with AI

How to Write a Cover Letter with AI

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Artificial Intelligence: A Game-changer in Job Hunting

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already demonstrated its transformative power in various sectors, and job hunting is no exception. AI-crafted cover letter samples and templates have become instrumental in many job applications. This article uncovers how people are using AI-generated professional cover letter examples to compose a great cover letter.

The Significance of Cover Letters

Understanding the significance of a cover letter for your application is the first step. There are many good cover letter examples available with different AI tools. It's more than a mere document accompanying your resume; a cover letter is your personal narrative that details your skills and experiences. A well-written cover letter can spotlight your qualifications and passion, setting you apart from the rest of the applicants. In today’s competitive job market, cover letters have become indispensable in successful job applications.

Key Elements of a Perfect Cover Letter

How important are cover letters when applying for jobs? When reading cover letters, five key elements typically stand out to hiring managers:


The best cover letter examples demonstrate an understanding of the job and the company, articulating how the candidate’s skills and experiences align with the job title and their needs. It's important that your potential employer believes you've read the job description carefully, and your cover letter shows that you've done research into the company and the role. For example, if you're writing a manager cover letter, you want to make sure you reference the details of the manager role, and not the administrative assistant position. That would be a different cover letter.

Personality and Passion

A good cover letter shows the applicant's genuine enthusiasm for the role and the company. Put some personality in! Show them who you are! An attention grabbing opening paragraph or endearing final paragraph might be the one thing that secures you a job interview at your dream law firm.

Skills and Experience

Rather than repeating a resume, the right cover letter demonstrates how the candidate’s experiences have prepared them for the role. Your closing paragraph should summarize why you are the best person for this role, based on the experiences you've had, and the skills they've taught you.

Clarity and Conciseness

Given the large volume of applications, a great professional cover letter template is one that is well-structured, easy to read, and succinct. A simple cover letter that proves a point about the job seeker and is easy to read, is often the most successful.


Your cover letter should maintain a professional tone, ensuring correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and respectful language. You don't want to miss out on an opportunity because of a typo or misunderstanding.

The Role of AI

AI and cover letter sample builders have transformed how we write our letters. Users input specific details for different cover letters such as their skills, job experiences, and the role posted into these AI-powered tools. The AI then generates a sample cover letter tailored to the user's details, saving time and ensuring the cover letter aligns with the job role.Furthermore, AI can improve the quality of your writing. AI tools serve as a kind of proofreading assistant for your cover letter, identifying grammar errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and even sentence structure issues.

AI and Job Posting Alignment

An essential part of writing a compelling cover letter is aligning it with the hiring manager and job. AI cover letter builder software can analyze job descriptions and suggest relevant skills and phrases to include in the opening paragraph of your cover letter. When you're using an AI cover letter tool, this feature increases the likelihood of your cover letter resonating with the hiring manager.

AI-Generated Cover Letter Examples

AI-generated cover letter examples can serve as an inspiration source, helping you understand how to compose a strong cover letter. Whether you're looking for construction cover letter examples, sales cover letter examples, education cover letter examples, marketing cover letter examples, hospitality cover letter examples, retail cover letter examples, transportation cover letter examples, or any other great cover letter examples by job title, AI has got you covered. Writing a cover letter can be daunting, but AI can really help with providing you a good cover letter example.

How to Write a Cover Letter Example

When writing your cover letter with AI, it's important to be specific about your requirements and goals. Start by clearly stating your objective. For example, "Generate a cover letter for a software engineering role at a tech startup." Then, provide the AI with relevant details about yourself.These could include your skills, past experiences, achievements, and why you're interested in the role or company. You might write, "I have five years of experience in Python and Java, have led a team of developers in my current role, and am passionate about innovative tech solutions."Remember to request the AI to emphasize your transferable skills and adaptability, especially if you're transitioning into a new industry or role. So, the final prompt could be: "Generate a cover letter example for a software engineering role at a tech startup. I have five years of experience in Python and Java, have led a team of developers in my current role, and am passionate about innovative tech solutions. Highlight my leadership skills and ability to adapt quickly to new technological advancements."This concise, yet comprehensive prompt allows the AI to generate a detailed and personalized cover letter example tailored to your needs.

Using AI to help your Career Changes

Career transitions can be daunting, especially when it comes to expressing transferable skills in a cover letter. This is where AI can be an immense help. If you're seeking to pivot into a new industry or role, AI-driven cover letter builders can guide you in crafting a compelling narrative.The AI algorithms analyze your past experiences and identify skills that are highly valued in your target industry or role. Moreover, they can suggest how to frame these skills in a way that appeals to hiring managers, emphasizing how your unique career journey has equipped you for this new challenge. This tailored guidance makes the process of writing a career change cover letter less overwhelming and more effective, increasing your chances of making a successful transition.

The Personal Touch in AI-Generated Cover Letters

While AI and cover letter builders have proved to be valuable tools, it's important to remember that a personal touch is still crucial. Your unique experiences, insights, and passion for the job role should still be the highlight of your own cover letter too. It is not just enough to respond to a job ad, you have to actually propose why you suit the employer's needs if you want to write a well written cover letter.Even with the most sophisticated AI tools, your cover letter should reflect your unique journey and aspirations. Using the AI-generated cover letter as a foundation, infuse your personality into it by sharing personal anecdotes or stories that have shaped your career. Mention specific achievements or projects that you're particularly proud of.Not only does this provide a richer context to your cover letter explains your skills and experiences, but it also enables potential employers to get a sense of who you are as a person. Remember, while AI can generate a well-structured and customized cover letter, it is your personal touch that breathes life into it and truly makes it your own. The goal is always a personalized cover letter.

The Future of AI and Cover Letters

As AI continues to evolve, its role in job hunting and crafting cover letters is set to increase. Soon, we may see AI offering more personalized and efficient assistance. For now, the modern resume template is a great place to start writing your job application letter, and make sure you make a mark in the applicant tracking systems. At the moment, a mix of AI and personal input seems to be the winning formula for writing compelling and effective cover letter letters in the 21st century.


No matter what sort of cover letter templates you're looking for, AI is here to help. Be sure to leverage AI to create a compelling cover letter that resonates with potential employers and helps you land your dream role. It's important that your job application cover letter includes a call to action, such as being considered for the role, or scheduling an interview.

Elevate your work

Supercharge your apps and data with fully integrated AI, utilizing the best and any AI model available





Elevate your work

Supercharge your apps and data with fully integrated AI, utilizing the best and any AI model available



Elevate your work

Supercharge your apps and data with fully integrated AI, utilizing the best and any AI model available